Discovering Our Faith

Religious Education for All Ages

*Discovering our Faith Through Story and Play

Part one of the booklet contains the classic Quaker stories of George Fox, Elizabeth Fry, Stephen Grellet, William Pickett, Mary Fisher and John Woolman. 

 Part two has stories of the experience of meeting for worship.

The third part consists of two biblical stories--sheep and shepherd and the Christmas story. 

 All ages are encouraged to work out faith fundamentals through listening to these stories, and then playing through each story at a level appropriate for each person's age.   Companion play figures are available from  for use with these stories.

*Formally published as the Quakers I and II booklet


Last Updated:    04/19/2016



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Quakers I (These stories bring to life the inner stories of several well-know Friends

Quakers II (Stories about the experience of silent worship--group listening and obedience)

Bible Stories (Sheep and shepherd and Christmas stories--good for intergenerational settings)