Discovering Our Faith

Religious Education for All Ages

Discovering our Faith through Worship Sharing

(Spanish/English Version) 

(French/English Version)

This booklet offers opportunities for individual, family and all-meeting study of the foundations of the Quaker faith.  It offers a way to welcome new attenders by drawing out the faith that is already within them while respecting where each is on their spiritual journeys. 

 I recommend that meetings minimally go through this booklet every three years as other churches go through the lectionary.  Such a practice, if done in the format of reading before meeting, would ensure that everyone in the meeting has some exposure to the foundations of Friends.  This is better than handing newcomers a Faith and Practice because it is constantly inviting them to enter the Quaker faith through their own experience with the biblical text just as George Fox did. 

This was formerly published, in part, under the titles:  The Fundamentals of the Religious Society of Friends, Bringing Religious Education Home, and What! A Quaker Catechism?


Last Updated:    07/19/2016