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I have been passionate about religious education for a very long time. As a child, I loved to hear my mother read Bible stories by candlelight at our lake cabin.  Together, with my younger sister, we puzzled over the war stories of the Hebrew testaments.

 By the time I was in high school, I was drawn toward religious sharing and questioning.  Because we could drive at age fifteen, it was easy to have such discussions away from parents and authority figures.  When I did approach a Presbyterian minister regarding my belief system fueled by being present in the company of brilliant sunsets and the sounds of nature, he told me that what I was experiencing was not enough.  

 Concurrently, my interest in Quakerism developed in creative writing class due to joint reading with the young man across the aisle.  To the chagrin of the teacher, we eagerly read—and then discussed what we read with each other during class.  My friend and I read a book about many religions.  Quakerism was the biggest draw.

 Before I left home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, my mother noticed that I had a proclivity towards religious education.  She suggested that I think about becoming a Presbyterian religious education director when I started to think about a career.

 This interest in religion continued while I studied at Macalester College. It was at Macalester that I first became involved with Quakers through participation in AFSC workcamps in Minnesota and France.

 I finally settled down as a Quaker in Menomonie, Wisconsin with husband, Stephen, and two young children, Tanya and Timothy. We were part of a parent group that started the Family Learning Center (FLC), a family cooperative preschool.  Because of FLC, I was inspired to work on a master’s degree in elementary education at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.  This training informed much of my work in religious education.  

 Our family attended Friends General Conference (FGC) Gatherings for many years and we participated in the Junior Gathering in various capacities.  I soon became active in the FGC Religious Education Committee, served as clerk of the committee and edited and wrote materials for the Opening Doors curriculum series.

 Now my husband and I are active in Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP).  Through AVP, I became interested in teaching basic skills including but not limited to listening skills as new families come into meetings and churches.

 Throughout the years, what has remained with me is a deep respect for nature and the profound sense that there is that of God within each and every one of us.  Furthermore, we all need help in finding and listening to that still small voice.  Many angels have been sent to me with help in listening and finding.  And now, I hope that I can pass on a bit of that listening and finding to others.

Updated:  9/15/2015

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